MNP SP16 16 or 32 foot cable extender for the SP25, SP50, SF70 and SF100


Extend the distance the solar pump is located from the solar pumps with this 16 foot cable extender.  All our Solar Pump Kits come with 16 feet of cable so adding this will allow you to place the solar panels another 16 or 32 feet  away from the pond pump possibly hiding them from view or locating them for the best possible direct sun.  We have had customers place their panels 80 feet away form the pump.  You can join multiples extenders to together but reckon on roughly a 1% drop in power for every 16 foot of extension added.  They come in two sizes 16 and 32 feet.  If you order two 16 foot extenders we will send you one 32 foot extender.  Order three 16 foot extenders and you will receive one 32 foot and one 16 foot extender. You may see a reduction of about 1% in pump perfromance for every 16 feet of epxtender used.


Postage is free to all 50 states.

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