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AQUAPLANCTON – Natural Algae Control

If you have large pond or lake (over 25,000 gallons) please click the link below so we can be develop a more precise treatment program which may include one or more natural products:

Large Pond/Lake Algae Control

For ponds under 25,000 gallons and less than 1,000 square feet please continue here.

Please calculate how many square feet of pond water you have.  The dose is then one pound of AQUAPLANCTON for every ten square feet of water you have.  Please buy enough to provide you with a second dose 1/4 of the first as this may be needed later on.  As an example a pond 8 by 10 would be 80 square feet requiring an initial dose of eight pounds and a second dose of two pounds for a total of ten pounds.  In most cases a pond needs two treatments a year like this.

All purchases come with complete instructions and answers to many questions you may have.  Below are the six different sizes options for AQUAPLANCTON.  You can call us seven days a week – 855-723-3564 for help or email us.  If you prefer to have us calculate how much you need please complete the brief pond survey here:

Help with your pond treatment

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