Solar Powered Fountain Pumps

Our range of solar submersible pond pumps are the most reliable and cost effective available today. We sell two types. Three can run to a waterfall or filtration system and two that produce a fabulous fountain effect. All are complete kits ready to set up and run in minutes. There is nothing more to buy. All the pumps have advanced features including dry run protection so they will not empty your pond if you have a leak and they will not burn out if they get jammed with weeds. They all need the sun to work.

We have two solar powered fountain pumps. Each comes with three different fountain patterns. The MNP SF70 70W model featured here in the picture and video. You can also have what looks like a mushroom effect or a pillar of water. The MNP SF70 has a max. 898 GPH (gallons per hour) powered by two 35W panels and the MNP SF100 uses two 50W panels to reach 1,268 GPH max.

All but the MNP SP25 single panel kit can take advantage of the back-up battery but do read the specifications carefully as there are some performance implications. 

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