Pond Algae Control


We offer a free service for pond and lake owners.  If your pond is over 20,000 gallons or over 800 square feet please click here to submit  a short lake survey.  There can be a dozen or more reasons why ponds get algae.  We will never suggest a pesticide/algaecide as a remedy as we feel they damage to fragile pond ecology endangering all livings things in your pond including the fish.  Some ponds have too many fish, poor filtration, are too shallow and these conditions can trigger algae problems.

Based on your responses we can recommend what natural product you can use but in some cases, we may have some suggestions to help control algae requiring no purchase.   If you prefer you can call us on 855-723-3564.  We are in Califoria and if you get our VM we will get back to you nrmally in a few hours.



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