My Natural Pond offers natural products to maintain the natural healthy life of the fish and plant life in your pond or lake. Such as AQUAPLANCTON, which is a naturally occurring mineral that eliminates all green water, string algae, sludge, slime and bad odor from freshwater ponds and lakes. For larger ponds and lakes we offer a unique custom treatment plan at very low prices.  Go to our questionaire  to tell us about your lake.   We also offer a range of solar powered filtration pumps and waterfalls, reducing your electricity bill. Our powered aerators are sold as complete kits and are optimized to breath life into your pond or lake. Buy in confidence and take a look at some of our customer reviews and find out how we have helped thousands of customers over the years to create and maintain a natural and healthy pond or lake, all year round.



Algae Control

We only sell safe natural products to help control algae in ponds and lakes. For most ponds we suggest AQUAPLANCTON and for large ponds and lakes Microbe-Lift products.  To receive a custom solution for your speciific pond/lake click “More Info” below.

Solar Pumps

Our range of powerful solar submersible pond pump kits come ready to run in minutes with nothing else to buy. Whether you are pumping to a waterfall, filter or looking for a stunning fountain these are the most reliable and advanced kits you can buy today.

Powered Aerators

Even a turbulent waterfall cannot come close to the power of an aerator creating a vortex of air from the bottom of your pond. We sell complete kits optimized to breathe life into your pond or lake. Blast a hole in any ice, help eliminate toxic waste and enhance the health of your pond.