Lake Aerators

Why Do I Need Aeration in my Lake?

Lakes normally contain good and bad bacteria and there is a constant battleground between the two.  When the friendly bacteria lose this battle we see algae outbreaks, a build of potentially toxic muck, depletion of oxygen levels and fish fatalities. A lake may slowly deteriorate in health and this may lead to a stagnant and eventually a dead lake.  Dissolved oxygen in the pond water helps break down the toxic muck that all lakes accumulate over time.  Ironically, cleaning this muck out periodically can make matters worse because while this stuff can be toxic it also contains the life force of the lake’s ecosystem.  Dredging a lake can cost a fortune and many people have to do this very few years.

Having an aerator can prevent fish fatalities supplying abundant levels of oxygen even during hot summer days when oxygen levels can be at their lowest.  In the winter the aerator normally generates enough bubbles to keep a hole open when the pond ices up.  Without this gases from decomposing organic muck can build up under the ice again starving the lake of oxygen.

Most lake aerators leave you to find the right connectors, tubing and one or more diffusers to complete the installation.  Get one component wrong and you may damage the aerator.  You may waste money and also fail to generate enough air.  All our Matala lake kits have been put together to optimize each component.

The aerators below come either with or without a special locking cabinet.

The locking cabinet is landscape green color and designed for outdoor extreme weather conditions. The cabinet stands on a solid support base to maintain a level installation. Within the cabinet there is a cooling fan with cross flow ventilation.

The compressor plugs into a built in outlet. All components are protected within. The heat protection hose leads externally and all you have to do is connect your air hose. It is very simple to install and operate. The cabinet should be located above pond water level and flood zone and within 50 feet of the shore. It should not be buried.

The Pro-1 kits are designed for ¼ to one acre acre lakes 5-30 feet deep

The Pro-2 kits are designed for ½ to two acre lakes 5-30 feet deep

The Pro-3 kits are designed for up one to two acre lakes 8-40 feet deep

The Pro-4 kits are designed for one to four acre lakes 10-40 feet deep

  • MEA Lake Pro 1 Kit

  • MEA Lake Pro 2 Kit

  • MEA Lake Pro 3 Kit

  • MEA Lake Pro 4 Kit

  • MEA Lake Pro 1 Kit with cabinet

  • MEA Lake Pro 2 Kit with cabinet

  • MEA Lake Pro 3C Kit with cabinet

  • MEA Lake Pro 4C Kit with cabinet

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