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Why you should buy a complete aerator kit?

There are many aerators available for ponds owners.  We tested most of the major brands for months before selecting Matala.  Most pond aerators leave you to find the right connectors, tubing and one or more diffusers to complete the installation.  Get one component wrong and you may damage the aerator.  You may spend too much wasting money or too little and fail to generate enough air. Our range of complete aerator kits all use Hakko liner air pumps.  These exceptional pumps are very quiet, low power consumption, completely oil free, with overload protection for overheat situations.  They are both UL and CE listed for outdoor use.


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The Matala EZ Air Pro 6 Plus Kit is designed for ponds between 15,000 to 45,000 gallons depending on your fish load.

This kit includes:

Matala HK100L Air Pump.

  • -Air flow up to 119 lpm or 4.2 cfm.
  • -Maximum water depth 16 feet.
  • -Suggested water depth up to 10 feet.
  • -Only 110 watts!
  • -For Ponds between 15,000 to 45,000 gallons.

Two MDB22 Weighted Base with 9 inch Disc Diffusers.

  • -Award winning design.
  • -A total of four 9 inch EPDM Disc Diffusers.
  • -Produces medium size bubbles.
  • -Lowest back pressure diffuser on the market for maximum air flow and longest life for the air pump.
  • -Self Cleaning, no maintenance required. Very long lifetime.
  • -Weighted Base is fish friendly. Two Double Bases support two disc diffusers each.
  • -Hose clamp connectors included.

Weighted Air Hose

  • -Two sections of 30 feet high quality 1/2" weighted hose.
  • -Will not kink or crush.

2 Way Heavy Duty Manifold

  • -High Quality Professional looking 2 way x 1/2" manifold with control valves.
  • -3/4" connection to the Hakko with two 1/2" barbs connecting to the hose.
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