We offer two Solar Fountain Pond Pump Kits.  The SF70 on this page uses two 35W solar panels for a combined 70W of power and can run as high as 898 GPGH in full sun.  Both this pump and the larger 100W version are complete kits with everything you need to start running included in the box.  The pump itself needs to be situated just below the surface with one of the three supplied fountain adapters protruding through the surface of the water.  The video here shows the traditional fountain pattern and there is a picture of the “mushroom” adapter that is useful should you have a small pond.  The one in the video is splashing outside the perimeter of the pond which you need to avoid.  You should plan on having a 10-foot circle around this fountain and at least 12 feet for the more powerful SF100.

Each kit includes four 6-inch extension tubes.  For a pond 2-3 deep we suggested putting the pump on a brick or two as this will prevent sediment getting sucked into the pond and the extension tubes will allow the adapter to break the surface.  Ponds deep than this the pump should sit on a one of more plastic milk crates or similar.


MNP SF70 70W 898 GPH Powerful Solar Pond Pump/Fountain Kit


This pump is sold out as of late December 2022.  We do expect more in February.  Please contact us to go on our wait list.  

  • Powerful max. 898 GPH twin 35W panel (24x18 inch) powered pond pump for waterfalls, filtration or fountain with supplied three pattern adapters.
  • This kit uses a proprietary solar brush-less pump representing a major breakthrough for solar powered water pumps.   
  • Built with an exceptionally reliable carbon brush and shaft with a two sensor dry cut out feature ensures a long reliable trouble free product life. 
  • Has locked rotor protection that prevents the pump from failure due to debris blocking the pump.
  • The dry cut out feature alone may well save your  fish should your pond ever leak.  Cheaper products are unlikely to have all these advanced features.
  • Over 16 ft of electrical cable from pump to solar panels. This distance can be extended multiple 16 or 32 feet lengths.
  • Pump alone weighs over five pounds. Very easy to clean.
  • All our products are backed with a one year warranty and exceptional after sales service seven days a week.

Comes complete with three different fountain adapters to create an traditional, mushroom or jet spray effect.  Also contains plastic extenders to allow for different pond depths.   Please see the picture to see all these components. This is a great pump for people with no power source available or to add a waterfall or filter system to an existing pond set up.   Comes with full instructions and is easy to install and maintain. Warranty is a full one year from date you receive this item. Specifications:

  • Solar pane peak power 35W X 2 = 70W
  • Max-power voltage 17.28V
  • Max-power current 2.025A * 2
  • Installation Panels use supplied plastic ground spikes
  • Pump Max.Head is 3m (9.86ft)
  • Max. flow rate is 3,400 LPH (898 GPH)
  • Cable length 5m (16.4ft) extenders available
  • Has dry run protection
  • Kit box weight 25.35 pounds
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