Special Offers


MNP SP50 50W Solar Powered Pond Pump



SPECIAL OFFER: “DEMO” SP50 . We sell our solar pumps on Amazon for a higher price than here. Now and again people return them for reasons such as “bought by mistake”, “too big for my pond”, “no longer needed?” and “did not work at night”. We have had a few back for that last reason alone. These kits have at most been used for 2-3 days or in some cases a few hours. They all have a one-year warranty. The boxes they will be sent out in are a little worse for wear but for a lot less money you are getting a great kit and change the price to $229.


Floating Solar Powered Lake Aerator Special Offer

Large ponds and lakes need aeration.  Where electrical power is available and the lake is over eight foot deep a lake floor aerator is recommended but for shallower lakes a surface aerator can be more effective. This complete solar powered floating lake (fresh water only) aerator includes four 160W solar panels, floating solar lake aerator with built in controller and 10 feet of cable, floatation collar, 25M (about 80 feet) of extension cables, all connectors and a weatherproof on/off switch. 

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