Large ponds and especially lakes pose unique problems for those seeking to control algae using natural products. In many areas algaecides and similar harsh pesticides are banned from use. We will only propse natural products.

To solve these problems in addition to using AQUAPLANCTON we work with the largest pond and lake treatment company in North America called Ecological Laboratories.

They have been developing pond and lake treatment products for over 40 years and now offer a broad range of products. Depending on at least a dozen factors one or a mix of several products may be needed. To ensure you get the right “cocktail” of treatments you can either call us or complete the short survey below and we will a create a specific treatment program to match your situation. You can see their many products on Amazon and in stores and websites but if you work with us the price will be substantially less than you can find anywhere else.

Please scroll down to enter a few details about your pond. There is a place for some general comments at the end of these questions. Once completed press “send lake info” and we will get back to you within three business days.