Microbe-Lift Pond and Lake Products

For ponds that are 1,000 square feet or less and have not beeen cleaned out in the last three months we recommend AQUAPLANCTON.

If you are familair with MICROBE-LIFT please scroll down to see a selection of their most popular ones. We only sell their safe natural products. If you are looking for a mix of the liquid products please check out the mix option below.

All these options should save you money epsecially if you buy in quantity. If you have a lake over 1/4 acre we may be able to offer you better pricing than this please call us or complete a survey below.

If you would like us to develop a precise treatment program which may include one or more Microbe-Lift products please click one of the links below which will take you to a short survey that will take you less then two minutes to complete. For a lake or pond over 25,000 gallons (over 1,000 square feet) please use this link:

Large Pond/Lake Algae Control

For a pond treatment program (under 25,000 gallons and/or less than 1000 square feet) please use this link:

Help with your pond treatment

We hope this is not confusing (please tell us if it is!) please call us seven days a week – 855-723-3564 for help(text 760-716-5542) or email us through our contact page here:  Contact Us.