Frequently Asked Questions About AQUAPLANCTON

AQUAPLANCTON is a naturally occurring mineral that eliminates all types of algae, reduces accumulations of sludge, ends bad odor and generally improves the health of freshwater ponds. For large ponds over 1,000 square and lakes please visit Large Pond / Lake Treatment.

AQUAPLANCTON works best in ponds that have not been cleaned out in the last three months. Generally, we recommend avoiding pond clean outs as this can wreck a ponds delicate ecosystem. AQUAPLANCTON works by reducing the buildup of sludge and muck and turning this material into friendly bacteria. If your pond is new or has little sediment, we suggest trying this MICROBE-LIFT “COMBO” treatment.

AQUAPLANCTON is applied at the rate of one pound for every ten square feet of pond surface water. Depth is not a factor as it works at the bottom of your pond. You should buy enough for a second dose 1/4 for the first applied 4-6 weeks later if progress is slow. That is usually enough for the season, but should algae come back later on a small dose just 1/10th of the initial dose should clear the pond. You cannot overdose your pond with AQUAPLANCTON but the product may not work well if you under dose.

As an example, a pond 8 by 10 feet is 80 sq. ft. in area and would require 8 pounds for the initial dose and another two pounds for the follow up if required.

AQUAPLANCTON is a natural safe product so please give the first dose a month to work.

Please call or email us for any help getting the correct dose or take our quick pond survey here: Pond Algae Control.

AQUAPLANCTON works by stimulating the beneficial, aerobic bacteria in your pond. These micro-organisms digest the rotting organic matter that builds up on the bottom of your pond. However, when these micro-organisms become inactive mud accumulates causing algae to thrive.

AQUAPLANCTON re-activates these beneficial aerobic bacteria, which in turn consume the mud. This starves algae of nutrition causing them to die out naturally. It works with any type of liner rubber, clay cement etc.

AQUAPLANCTON is not recommended for small water features under 50 gallons. Where there is constant water turbulence the product has no chance to work on any sediment to create friendly bacteria.

Chemical algae killers like algaecides and copper sulfate can eliminate algae but they also wipe out the vital friendly bacteria in your pond. These chemicals are dosed based on how many gallons in a pond and this is not easy to calculate. If you get this wrong, you risk killing pond life including fish. We get many calls every year from people who have done that. These chemicals often need to be added every month increasing the damage they do to the pond’s delicate ecosystem. Just reading a typical algaecide label like the one below may make you wonder if this belongs in any pond.

CAUTION: Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. NOTE: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Friendly bacteria can consume up to six inches of mud in six months. Mud is made of rotting leaves, fish excrement, dead weeds and is 90% water. The aerobic bacteria AQUAPLANCTON stimulates consumes this “muck” leaving only the water. Most people using AQUAPLANCTON every season find they no longer need to perform pond spring clean outs.
Unpleasant odor is caused by bad anaerobic bacteria. AQUAPLANCTON eliminates the bad anaerobic bacteria and replaces them with good aerobic bacteria.
AQUAPLANCTON only works in fresh water ponds.
No, but if you have green water or string algae it is likely that your pond is on the acidic side. AQUAPLANCTON will neutralize any acidity immediately. If the water is already alkaline, you can still use AQUAPLANCTON. In this case the pH level usually stays the same. We think it is a good idea to test you pond water on a regular basis.
Absolutely! Unlike algaecides and other chemical algae “killers”, AQUAPLANCTON is not harmful to the environment. It will not harm fish, ducks, plants or any form of water life. It is even safe for your pets to drink from water treated with AQUAPLANCTON.
Ponds can be treated any time of the year. AQUAPLANCTON even works well in winter. It’s a good idea to start to apply AQUAPLANCTON 4-6 weeks before you normally expect algae to start growing as this is likely to reduce or entirely stop any outbreak.

AQUAPLANCTON needs a certain amount of organic matter to work on and when you clean out manually you also destroy many of the beneficial bacteria. However, if you have already cleaned your pond or the pond has little sediment you may well get a better result with this MICROBE-LIFT “COMBO”

Microbe-Lift Barley/Friendly Bacteria Combo – My Natural Pond

In future let AQUAPLANCTON keep the sludge and muck under control and this way you may avoid regular pond clean outs.

It is safe to use AQUAPLANCTON in conjunction with fish medical remedies, other natural pond products and UV filters. We would avoid using any algaecides at the same time as AQUAPLANCTON. As AQUAPLANCTON is entirely natural, the fewer unnatural methods used the better.
Results vary greatly from pond to pond. When you use AQUAPLANCTON you are working with nature, so you must be prepared for things to happen at nature’s pace. In some cases, results can be seen in a few days and in others it can take a few weeks or even some months. In most cases you should see a significant improvement in the health of your pond in about 6-8 weeks. If not please call or email us as we often can identify why you might be seeing slow progress.

AQUAPLANCTON needs to be spread across the surface of the pond to try to achieve an even thin layer over the bottom. Pumps can be left on to help mix the AQUAPLANCTON. After a short period and if it is possible to switch the pumps off for 2-3 hours, without affecting the oxygen levels for the fish, this will give the AQUAPLANCTON time to settle to the bottom and start its valuable work. Any AQUAPLANCTON that ends up on rocks or bare liner should be brushed or washed off with pond water.

If there are plants like lilies on the surface of the pond mix up some AQUAPLANCTON in some pond water and pour this solution under any leaves/plants. Please do this quickly as this mixture gets quite thick.

Ponds can be treated at any time of year, AQUAPLANCTON even works well in winter.

Typically treatment starts with a dose of one pound for every ten square feet. If progress is slow due to a very bad case of algae you may need a second “boost” dose of AQUAPLANCTON 1/4 of the initial dose. That should be enough for the season but if the algae comes back a very small dose 1/10 th of the original may be sufficient to return clarity to your pond. Larger ponds and lakes are a lot more stable than small ponds and may need less treatments.

AQUAPLANCTON is active in the water for at least a year. The activity doesn’t suddenly stop, but it does begin to slow.

A milky or pale green appearance in the water is perfectly normal and disappears when the product settles. Your fish may lie low on the bottom for the first week – 10 days, but don’t worry, they will be perfectly all right. After 5 – 10 days the powder should have settled to the bottom and the process of eliminating your algae problem will be well underway.