Solar Powered Fountain Pumps

My Natural Pond offers two different types of powerful solar-powered fountain pumps for ponds at least 8 by 10 feet in size or larger. One type is more suitable for ponds 2-4 feet deep, as the pump is typically mounted on a few bricks at the bottom of the pond, with the fountain adapter fitted on top using the four supplied six-inch tube extenders to just break the surface of the pond.  Three different fountain pattern heads are included. The pump comes with 16 feet of connecting wire, which can be extended using our extenders sold here. The floor mounted fountains are pictured below just above thefloating versions.

Pond Floor Mounted Fountain Pumps

Solar Powered Fountain Pump 70w

Solar Powered Fountain Pump 100w

The other fountain pump floats on the surface of the water and can float on any depth of pond or lake and comes with four different fountain patterns, 32 feet of connecting wire (which can also be extended) and a bag, string, and bolt to anchor the pump in place. The bag is filled with stones to hold the pump securely in place.  This pump needs about three feet of depth as it is quite long and an area 10 by 8 feet or larger.

Pond Floating Fountain Pumps

Floating Solar Fountain Pump 50w

Floating Solar Fountain Pump 100w