Powerful 560W Floating Solar Lake Aerator

We are delighted to launch a new product designed for lakes under eight foot deep that have no electrical supply.

Lakes need aeration. Unless there is an abundant source of fresh water from a stream or spring lakes can become stagnant. Aeration helps break down the often-toxic buildup of sediment that accumulates over the years from leaves, twigs, runoff, and fish “output”. This sediment/muck/sludge is a source of nutrition for invasive plants and algae. Aeration combined with one or more of our Microbe-Lift natural lake treatment products combine to form an effective remedy to reduce this build up and freshen the water with an abundant supply of air. To the right is a demonstration this pump back in November 2021 with an early version of the product. It has since been through a number of improvements.

This video was kindly sent to us by a great guy who calls himself “AD”. He installed this pump kit in his Athens Alabama 1/2 acre lake back in May 2022. and it has been running ever since. You can see from the video a brief glimpse of the panels which he has designed stands for. If you buy this complete kit we can put you in touch with AD to learn how he put these panels stands together. The kit has the solar pump with a built in controller about 10 feet of cable and a further 25 meters (around 80 feet) of extension cable with waterproof connecters, a water proof on/off switch and all the panel connecters and the four 140W panels. There is nothing else needed except panel stands and sunshine. The introductory price including shipping in three large boxes and any taxes is $2,250. The list price is $2,950. Please call us for any questions or to place an order – 855-723-3564 or click this link for more details and to order: