Solar Powered Fountain Pumps

Our range of solar submersible fountain pumps is the most reliable and cost-effective option available today. We offer two types of fountain pumps. One is best suited for ponds less than three feet deep. The pump is placed on the floor of the pond or on a brick to prevent debris intake. This precaution is advisable for any submersible pond pump. Each kit includes four six-inch extenders to bring the fountain head just above the surface. The other type floats on the pond's surface, making it easy to deploy in a pond at least three feet deep to any depth desired. All are complete kits ready to set up and have running in minutes, requiring no additional purchases. All the pumps have advanced features, including dry run protection, and  they will not burn out if obstructed by weeds. They all require the sun or hazy cloud to work. They can be used with our batteries sold here, but there are some limitations, so please check the specifications.

Our fountain pumps come with a choice of spray adapters. The traditional pattern can drop water in a circle 10 feet wide and even further in high wind, so these pumps need some space, typically 10 by 10 feet or more. However, one of their spray adapters creates a dome sheen of water and is adjustable from 4 to 10 feet wide, making it suitable for a smaller pond.

MNP SF70 Solar Powered Fountain Pond Pump Kit

MNP SF100 Solar Powered Fountain Pond Pump Kit
Name SF70 SF100
Type Fountain Fountain
Watts 70 100
GPH 898 1298
Panels 2 2
Max Head 10 Ft 10 Ft
Battery option YES YES