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MICROBE-LIFT/Professional Blend Dry (PBD) SUMMER SALE!!!

MICROBE-LIFT/Professional Blend Dry (PBD) SUMMER SALE!!!

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8 ounce packets

MICROBE-LIFT/Professional Blend Dry (PBD) Prices  are for 8 ounce bags.  WE do not sell the If you order 25 of 50 bags they will not be shipped in a pail as these add weight, size an dare really hard to open.

What problem does PBD solve? PBD is an easy to use treatment for ponds or lakes that have algae in any form.  It is more effective if the pond has some accumulation of sediment, dead leaves and general “muck”.  PBD comes in pre-measured packets ranging in size from two to eight ounces that can be thrown into the water and they quickly dissolve to release the treatment.  PBD can be used any time of the year even in very cold conditions.  

Is it safe for my fish and pond life? Yes, as a completely natural product it is safe for all pond life, fish, pets and people.  You cannot overdose.

How does it work? MICROBE-LIFT/Professional Blend Dry packets contain a special combination of bacteria and enzymes.  This “cocktail” of cellulase enzymes, hyper cellulase producing bacteria and a cold weather bacteria (psychrophile) accelerate the breakdown of leaves, small twigs, sediment and other accumulated dead organic waste.  The product can be used all year in all climates.  The accumulated pond “muck” triggers and sustains algae attack and by reducing this toxic load ponds and lakes become increasingly algae free. As an all-natural product please do not expect instant results but over a period 4-6 weeks conditions should significantly improve.

How do I use PBD? Calculate how many gallons you have in your pond or lake. Please refer to the dosage guide below to see what the initial dose is and the how much will be need for the first month in weekly intervals and for the next five monthly treatments.  Toss the bags into the regular intervals along the edge of the water targeting any areas you believe will collect the most sediment. After the six-month program has ended, we recommended keeping up the once a month treatment to maintain water quality.

Treatment Guide Ponds up to 10,000 gallons Please not we only sell 8 ounce bags.  However, it prove more economical to buy the larger bag for most larger ponds.

Basic Application Rates
Pond Size (Gallons) 1st Application (2 oz. packets) Next 4 Weeks (Once per week) (2 oz. packets) Maintenance (Once per month) (2 oz. packets)
80 - 500 1 1 1
501 - 1000 2 2 2
1001 - 5,000 3 3 3
5,001 - 7,500 4 4 4
7,501 - 10,000 5 5 5


Lake Size (Acres) 1st Application   Next 4 Weeks (Once per week) Maintenance (Once per month)
Up to ¼ Acre 2 oz. packets 20 2 2
½ Acre (8 ox packets) 10 2 1
One acre (8 oz. packets) 20 5 5
5 Acres (8 oz. packets) 100 25 25
For lakes depth is not a factor as PBD treats the bottom of the lake.
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