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What problem does this solve? Sludge-Away (SA) speeds the biological removal of slow-to-degrade organic waste matter from aquatic pond bottoms that may become toxic to fish and plant life. As organic solids accumulate on the pond bottom, they begin to break down releasing toxic gasses to the surrounding environment. These gaseous by-products endanger fish, marine life and plants.

Is it safe for fish, people, pets and plants? Yes, SA is completely natural product it is safe for all pond life, fish, pets and people.

How does SA work? SA removes bottom organic sludge and muck-reducing or eliminating the potential harmful gaseous compounds-and helps clarify your pond water at the same time. SA will accelerate the solubilization and biological digestion of organic solids in your pond. As a result of this increased oxygen demand, the Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) in your pond will increase in the process, along with your aquatic life’s need for oxygen.  Consequently, do make sure that your pond is adequately oxygenated (>4.0 mg/L dissolved oxygen)

How do I use SA? Calculate the area of your lake as a fraction of an acre (43,560 square feet) Depth is not a factor as SA treats the bottom of the lake. Please refer to the dosage guide below to see what the initial dose is and the how much will be need for the first month in weekly intervals and for the next five monthly treatments.  After the six-month program has ended, we recommended keeping up the once a month treatment to maintain water quality. Shake SA well.  SA can be applied in one spot or spread around the edge of the lake. The water may become dark and murky for a week but this will not last.

Can I use SA anytime of the year? While SA can work all year round it is best used when the temperature is above 50F.  SA is not recommended for a lake without aeration when the temperature exceeds 80F.

Pond Treatment Guide  

Pond Size (Gallons)   1st Application   Next 4 Weeks (Once per week) Maintenance (Once per month)
80-2,500 2 oz. per 100 gallons one oz. per 100 gallons  one oz. per 100 gallons
2,501-5,000 1.75 oz. per 100 gallons one oz. per 100 gallons  one oz. per 100 gallons
5,000 and up 1.50 oz. per 100 gallons one oz. per 100 gallons .  one oz. per 100 gallons
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