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MNP SB12 Solar Powered Pond Pump Backup Battery

MNP SB12 Solar Powered Pond Pump Backup Battery

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  • My Natural Pond recognizes the need to have solar pumps continue running when there is limited or no sun.  Providing this facility for our powerful range of solar pumps demands some trade-offs to keep the costs reasonable and the performance acceptable. These batteries meets this need by lowering the pump speed by 35% and max. head from 10 to 6 feet. In return for this performance degradation the battery can provide many hours of continuous running after the sun goes down.
  • The smaller lithium battery is designed to work only with the MNP SP50 and the larger lithium battery can run all our twin panel pumps.  No battery can work with the SP25.
      • This multi-function solar battery station is used to store solar energy for day and night use and is designed for powering solar pumps, lights and other 12V devices.
      • The input power should be from our solar panels.
      • There are three 12V output ports for one of our solar submersible pumps, a light and one on the back with a terminal interface is for any 12V third-party device.
      • The battery station has built-in functions of over-charging and over-discharging protection. The input has over-current protection and reverse-polarity protection. The outputs have overload protection and short-circuit protection.
      • There are indicators showing the status of SYSTEM and CHARGING, currently activated selected output mode and on/off state of LIGHT output
  • If you are relying on solar power and the battery to keep your fish alive there can be occasions where bad weather extends for many days and the pump will not work during this time.  If you have any questions at all about this battery, please call us - 760-716-5542.  It is a well-made, weather proof, heavy duty product that when correctly used can provide extra pump run time.

    No Battery With Battery


    Flow GPH Max Head Feet Flow GPH

    Max Head Feet

    SP50 Waterfall Pump

    898 10  660


    SP100 Waterfall Pump

    1268 10  1004


    SF70 Fountain Pump

    898 10  660


    SF100 Fountain Pump 1268 10  1004


  • Pease take note of the reduced max. head for all our pumps using this battery.  The height of a fountain will likely be reduced by 33%.


Battery Operational Hours











On the morning of a sunny day if the battery has little or no charge it may take two hours to charge the battery sufficiently for it to run the pump for the hours stated above. As an example, the SP50 waterfall pump may start running around 10:00 am and continue running until 1:00 am the next day.  All times are based on a sunny summer day.  Solar Mode  The SBB12-24E battery can also work in “solar mode”.  This is only used to charge the battery for a future event perhaps a party in a few days when it may be cloudy.  In Solar Mode the solar panels will first get the battery sufficiently charged and then operate the pump directly and any surplus energy from the panels keeps the battery being fully charged. When needed the battery can be used to run the pump for the number of hours in the table below.

Solar Mode Hours
Model Hours
SP50 14
SP100 8
SF70 14
SF100 8



Lead acid battery 12 V, 24 Ah
Charging voltage, current and power DC 18 V, Maximum charging current: 4A, Maximum input power: 150 W
Output pump DC 12 V, Maximum output power: 48 W
Output light DC 12 V, Maximum output power: 12 W
Universal Output DC 12 V, Maximum output power: 12 W
Fuse current 10A
Size 255 x 255 x 205 mm
Cable length 0.5m
Extension cable length 5m
Net weight 9.3 KGS
  • Feel free call us 760-716-5542 for more information to ensure this fits your needs.

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