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MNP SP100 100W Powerful Solar Pond Pump Kit 1,268 GPH

MNP SP100 100W Powerful Solar Pond Pump Kit 1,268 GPH

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  • FREE SHIPPING USA ex. Hawaii and Alaska
  • Powerful max. 1,268 GPH twin 50W panel (26x21 inch) powered pond pump
  • Designed for waterfalls or filtration purposes.  Please see our fountain pumps on this website.
  • Supplied with 16 feet of hose for quick setup and immediate use
  • Utilizes a proprietary solar brush-less pump for enhanced performance
  • Represents a significant breakthrough in solar powered water pumps
  • Equipped with a reliable carbon brush and shaft for longevity
  • Features a two-sensor dry cut-out function for trouble-free operation
  • Dry cut-out feature offers potential protection for fish in case of pond leaks
  • Includes locked rotor protection to prevent pump failure from debris blockage
  • Offers over 16 feet of electrical cable from pump to solar panels
  • Option to extend cable length using available extenders
  • Solar panels are equipped with stands for easy positioning
  • Requires direct sunlight to operate effectively
  • Battery is not included in this kit.  Please see this website for battery options.
  • Pump alone weighs over five pounds and measures around 12x10 inches with an 8-inch height
  • Easy-to-clean design for maintenance convenience
  • Total weight of the kit in its box is over 23 pounds
  • Backed by a one-year warranty and exceptional after-sales service
  • Customer support available seven days a week


  • Peak power 100W (2 X 50W)
  • Max power voltage 17.28V
  • Max power current 2.894A
  • Pump Max. head 9.86ft
  • Max. flow rate 1,268GPH
  • Cable length 16.4ft,
  • Pump has dry run protection
  • Kit Box Weight 30.8 pounds


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