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MNP SP50 50W Solar Powered Waterfall Complete Pond Pump Max 898 GPH OPEN BOX DEMO RETURN SALE

MNP SP50 50W Solar Powered Waterfall Complete Pond Pump Max 898 GPH OPEN BOX DEMO RETURN SALE

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This is a customer return.  and may have been used for 1-2 days but runs perfectly with a full one year warranty.  Some customers try to install our pump kits in water features like a statues but these are usually to small to accommodate our large pumps.  Others have not appreciate that all solar products need sunshine or light cloud to run and some found this kit too powerful for their pond.

  • Powerful twin solar panel 25W (size 24 x 13.5 inches) powered pond pump. This kit uses a proprietary solar brush-less pump representing a major breakthrough for solar powered water pumps and significantly reduces maintenance issues.
  • Complete solar power kit includes 16 feet of plastic hose to connect the pump to a waterfall or filter box. Nothing more to buy and you should be up and running in a few minutes on a sunny day.
  • Over 16 ft of electrical cable from pump to solar panels. Can be extended multiple 16 feet lengths.
  • Pump alone weighs over five pounds. Very easy to clean. Has dry run cut off meaning it will help save some water for your fish in the event there is a leak somewhere. Some pumps run until they dry out a pond.
  • Pump has a reliable and maintenance-free brush-less DC motor with a failure proof carbon brush and shaft seal, ensuring a long service life. All our products are backed up by exceptional after sales service seven days a week.
  • One year warranty.


Item No. SP50-801220D
Description Solar brush-less water pump kit
Category Solar pump kit

Product Summary

Solar panel Peak power 25Wx2
Max-power voltage 17.28V
Max-power current 1.447A x 2
Installation method plastic ground spike
Pump Pump item BP801220D
Max. head 3m(9.86ft)
Max. flow rate 3400LPH(898.1GPH)
Cable length 5m (16.4ft)
Nozzle item N/A
Flow adjustable No
Dry run protection Yes

There are 3.78 liters in a Gallon.

Liters per hour - At various pumping heights (Head)
@ 0m @0.5m @0.75m @1.0m @1.5m @2.0m @2.5m @3.0m @3.5m Max height
3400 3080 2900 2700 2500 1800 1250  620 0 3.2m
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