Collection: Solar Pump Backup Batteries

  • We offer two different lithium back up batteries. The lowest price one is designed to work only with the MNP SP50 Waterfall Pump and the larger one will work with all out two panels solar pump kits. Before purchasing, please review the product details provided as there may be important restrictions to consider. For any queries, feel free to reach us either via email or phone call. 
  • Our solar pumps typically operate at an 18V capacity. However, with this battery in use, they operate at 12V. Consequently, this reduces the maximum head from approximately 10 feet to 6 feet, and the Gallons Per Hour (GPH) by approximately one third. The term "maximum head" refers to the distance from the water surface to the peak location where you aim to position the waterfall.
  • Every morning, the battery may require 1-2 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, it can power the pump for an estimated 6-8 hours after sunset. If there is a lack of sufficient sunlight, the pump will not operate, and the battery will not charge. These results may vary depending on your geographical location and the season.
  • Lithium batteries have a long life in the region of three years with daily use. The internal lithium battery may need replacing at this time at a cost of around $95-125.
  • The battery is supplied with a 16-foot cable extender allowing you to place the battery in the shade. The battery is weather-resistant but should never be submerged.