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Floating Solar Pond Fountain Pump two models 50W and 100W

Floating Solar Pond Fountain Pump two models 50W and 100W

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We are sold out of both models of these pumps.  Amazon have the 50W model in stock and you can buy it  here:

We are expecting more 100W models in around August 5.  Feel free to call or text 760-716-5542 to get on a waiting list for one of these or email us at

  • This is a floating fountain pump requiring around three feet depth of water. We also sell waterfall pumps. New in 2024, this unique floating solar fountain pump kit solves many problems people experience when installing fountains in their ponds. As it floats and does not need to be placed on a flat surface in your pond or raised closer to the surface, it will not topple over, and it floats up and down should the water level change.
  • This is a complete kit with the pump, two 25W panels for the model MNP-FF50 and two 50W for the more powerful MNP FF-100, panel stands, 32 feet of cable that can be extended using our cable extenders (sold here), and all the wiring. It even comes with a bag, string, and a hook to anchor the pump exactly where you want it. Like all solar products, it needs sunshine or very hazy cloud cover to run.
  • This pump and its more powerful brother, the 100W version, create impressive fountains and are best suited for ponds 10 X 10 feet or bigger and should be three feet deep where you place the pump. The pump comes with three different classic fountain patterns offering a choice of a high sprays. There is also an adapter that creates a sheen of water like a dome and is adjustable to spread that dome wider. Set to narrow this adapter may well work in a small pond but not less than 7 by 7 feet.
  • There is an optional battery that can run the fountain for 7-10 hours after the sun goes down, but when using it, the Gallons Per Hour (GPH) is reduced by about a third, and the battery needs charging in the morning for 1-2 hours before the pump will run. If there is no sun, the battery will not provide any extra runtime. Please check our store for these.
  • All our products are backed up by exceptional after-sales service seven days a week based in California. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Please read all the details here before ordering and please call or email us if you have questions.  We can answer all your questions.
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