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MEA Lake Pro 3C Kit with cabinet

MEA Lake Pro 3C Kit with cabinet

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Free shipping (ex Alaska and Hawaii - please contact us for rate) Why you should I buy a complete lake aerator kit? Lakes tend to accumulate a lot of organic debris over time. These organics are a nutrient pool of fertilizers that can cause algae to bloom. Excessive algae blooms in ponds without aeration can lead to fish mortality. Fortunately, naturally occurring bacteria can help reduce these bottom organics through the process of oxidation. Matala Aeration Systems speed up the process of oxidizing organic and mineral pollution by increasing oxygen throughout the environment. By pumping compressed air to the bottom of a lake, lagoon or pond with the use of a diffuser, the rising air bubbles and the friction caused in the water will bring bottom water to the surface where it is exposed to the atmosphere. This is called an "airlift "and can transfer thousands of gallons of water circulation for very little electrical cost. Large volumes of water rising to the surface release noxious gases to the atmosphere, water picks up oxygen while circulating at the surface and brings this oxygenated water back down to the bottom where the bacteria can thrive and oxidize more quickly. Natural bacteria are stimulated by aeration and circulation and they will feed on muck, organics and the food that normally feeds algae blooms or aquatic plants growth. Using aeration and bacteria is often a safe and sound form of pollution removal.

MEA Lake Pro 3C Kit

1/2 - 2 Acre Aeration Kit This is our complete aeration package for lakes up to 2 acres. Includes:

  • MPC-120C; 1/2Hp Rocking Piston Compressor with oil filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve, 3 way valve manifold.
  • 300 feet of 3/8" heavy duty self sinking non-kinking air hose. (1 x 300' 3/8" WAH)
  • Three air bases with 9" air disc diffusers, (3 x MDB11)
  • Heavy duty cabinet

Enclosure The locking cabinet is landscape green color and designed for outdoor extreme weather conditions. The cabinet stands on a solid support base to maintain a level installation. Within the cabinet we have added a cooling fan with cross flow ventilation. The compressor plugs into a built in GFI outlet. All components are protected within. The heat protection hose leads externally and all you have to do is connect your air hose. Very simple to install and operate. The cabinet should be located above pond water level and flood zone and within 50 feet of the shore. Do not bury. Lake Aerator brochure

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