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Floating Solar Powered Lake Aerator

Floating Solar Powered Lake Aerator

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  • Large ponds and lakes need aeration.  Where electrical power is available and the lake is over eight foot deep a lake floor aerator is recommended but for shallower lakes a surface aerator can be more effective. 
  • This complete solar powered floating lake (fresh water only) aerator includes four 160W solar panels, floating solar lake aerator with built in controller and 10 feet of cable, floatation collar, 25M (about 80 feet) of extension cables, all connectors and a weatherproof on/off switch.  Of course this only runs with the sun out or light hazy cloud.  The kit has everything you need to run the aerator except stands for the panels.  Please contact us for information on stands as we have a customer who has designed a nice set and can offer advice.
  • An adapter is supplied that replaces converts the aertor to a floating pump with a three inch output.
  • In full sun the aerator can push around 8,000 gallons an hour.
  • One year warranty.


Item No. MNP=SFA300
Description Floating Solar Lake Aerator 4 140W Complete Kit
Category Floating Solar Lake Aerator
Product Summary
Solar panel Peak power 140W X 4 Panels
MPPT Voltage 36V
Voltage at Pmax 18.2V
Current at Pmax 7.70A
Pump Pump item Built in controller
Max. head 3m (9.86ft)
Max. flow rate 7,600 GPH as aerator
Cable length 3m (10 feet)
Transer pump adapter 3 inch
Flow adjustable No
Dry run protection Yes

Performance as a transfer pump for irrigtion or waterfall.

Height 0 3.28 6.56 9.84 13.12 16.4 19.68 22.96
GPH 13200 12672 11880 11088 10032 7920 5280 0
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