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Powerful Submersible Solar Powered Pond Pump Kit with Panels and Hose. Battery Included. Advanced design

Powerful Submersible Solar Powered Pond Pump Kit with Panels and Hose. Battery Included. Advanced design

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  • New product at low introductory price. Free shipping USA ex. Hawaii and Alaska.
  • 50W submersible solar powered waterfall pump (not a fountain pump) kit including a lithium battery. Pump requires sunshine or very hazy cloud to run. It has a large pump (9x10x8 inches) that may be too large for a small water feature like a statue but should work well in ponds. On a sunny day the included battery can extend running time 6-8 hours. All products have a 30-day full refund including shipping return policy if not delighted and a one year warranty.
  • This complete kit includes the 898 GPH solar pump, two 25W (26X21 inches) solar panels with stands, a “Y” connector and 16 feet of one inch hose. The pump has a max head 10 feet which is how high the water can be pumped above the surface of the pond. The pump has 16 feet of wire between it and the panels. This can be expanded by multiple 16 or 32 feet with our extenders to allow you to place the panel in the best position for the sun. 
  • This is a complete kit, and you can be up and running in a few minutes. At a maximum 898 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) this is the middle size of the three waterfall pumps we sell. The largest, the MNP SP100, can pump a max.1,268 GPH with a 10-foot max. head. Please click “Visit the AQUAPLANCTON store” under the product title above to see all our products.
  • The pump uses a proprietary solar brush-less pump representing a breakthrough for solar water pumps and significantly reduces maintenance. Pump has dry run cut off meaning it will stop if not fully submerged and will not burn out. It is easy to clean with a press of two buttons to open the case. We have sold well over 1,500 of these pump kits and they have proven to be very robust and reliable.
  • A battery is included in this kit. It only works with this model of pump. When when using the battery, the max. head is reduced to six feet and the GPH by a third. The battery needs a sunny day to run and then will provide 5-8 hours of extra run time when the sun goes down. It will not run or get charged on a cloudy day. Please call or email us if you have questions. 
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